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The Future of Industrial Process Heating Has Arrived

Borne out of a growing frustration at the lack of advancement & efficiency of conventional heating solutions - Limpet Heating engaged with leading industry experts to create their own highly advanced heating products...

A new chapter in

Industrial Process Heating

Limpet Heating are all about challenging the accepted solutions for process heating. We are a progressive, inventive company who supply disruptive technology. Many accepted forms of heating, such as water jacketing for pipes and tanks, have been used for more than a century.

It is time to challenge these systems and provide a modern, digital form of process heating.

We believe all companies should do their bit for the planet and aim to become carbon neutral, whilst saving as much energy as possible. This is what we do.
Our CATTS pipe heating system is an electric, digital form of heating which uses 90% LESS energy than a water jacketed system. It allows
you to see exactly how your heating is performing, even from a remote location. It is hygienic and completely removes the possibility of product contamination from water caused by internal
corrosion. The same applies to our bulk tank heating systems. Modern, digital, low energy and with the ability to make your bulk storage heating requirements become carbon neutral.

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Innovative Industrial Process Heating has Arrived

The Limpet Product Range is unlike anything before - a true innovation and unique offering within the world of commercial heating.

Advanced Programming

Intelligent Systems ensure your heating efficiency is maximised 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Expert Team

Leading industry experts to create their own highly advanced heating products...

Unrivalled Quality

Nothing Comes close - talk to out team today and see how our Limpets can help you and your heating needs.

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