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Innovative Process Heating Solutions for Industry
We’re innovators, using cutting-edge technologies to lead the heating industry forward.

Limpet heating systems provide the process industries (including food, confectionery, baking, dairy, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemicals) with an alternative to traditional trace-heat and water-jacketed solutions.
Using a range of patented, intelligent, microprocessor controlled, waterproof, compact heating modules with high thermal flow, industry can now heat small and large valves, pumps, flanges, tanks, pipes and other industrial equipment with ease, efficiency and safety.
No more food contamination issues from water. No more struggling with poor heat flow from trace-heated systems.
Wondering how we do it? We invite you to discover what makes us tick.

Our patented heating products are suitable for heating a wide range of products that are often difficult or expensive to heat using traditional heating technologies, such as hot water, steam or electrical trace heating. Some of the applications where we specialise include those shown below.

AlphaLimpet Ultra Versatile

PID Controlled Heat

BetaLimpet No Microprosessor

Secondary Heater

MicroLimpet Budget Option

Small Footprint Heater

OmegaLimpet Flange Heating

Flange Heating


Dolfin Internal IBC Heater, for Fats, Oils, Sugars etc

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